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We give the best Services

Through our IT Staffing and Consultancy services, we supply the manpower that can give companies a competitive edge. An employee that aligns with the vision of a company is a perpetual asset so we offer the right to retain and hire.

We offer

Top notch services which other staffing agencies can’t provide due to lack of experience
A thorough selection procedure led by experienced SMEs and managers
Continuous support and improvement of workforce via trainings and skill development programs
Complete management of timesheets, scheduling and expenses with higher administrative efficiency.

Our Process

Sourcing Screening Onboarding Retention

Valarcorp uses various sources and techniques to capture the best IT talent. Our sources are job portals, referral programs, headhunters, & hiring events.

The screening process ensures only candidates with verifiable education, experience, skills and references are chosen to be in the pool of selection by clients.

Once candidates are selected by clients, the onboarding process of drug screening, work authorisation, employee agreement, policy and procedure orientation is done.

Valarcorp takes preventive measures to minimize employee turnover, such as providing employee support, matching candidates with projects & regular communication.