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Choosing a career is one of the most important factors in determining life and career success. In order to make a reasonable decision about a career path one has to understand the scale and scope of opportunities available and match them with personality inclinations. Thus professional guides at Valarcorp can assist you in choosing the correct path.

The Process

Skill Assessment Group Discussions Technical Interview HR Interview

Standard questionnaire to evaluate core skills of an individual. Parameters are Communication Skills, Logical reasoning and quantitative ability for giving insight into a person's thought process.

In group discussions the interactive abilities of an individual become visible, performance under pressure and against competition can be judged easily.

The technical interview assessment determines if a person is fit for certain roles or not. The technical abilities determine the certain designations and roles a personal would be able to occupy.

A one-on-one interaction between a HR representative and candidate allows for a more in-depth view of any debilitating conditions and behavioral issues that could be a challenge during the course of the career.